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Savour Asian flavours with breathtaking ocean views

Welcome to Mooncake!

Meet the newest gastronomic paradise on Kangaroo Island, where the Asian culinary artistry meets unforgettable natural views.

Mooncake is a new stylish secluded restaurant on Kangaroo Island. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views while savouring fresh and traditional Asian cuisine beautifully crafted by the award-winning Chef Kate Sumner.

A taste of Asia on Kangaroo Island

Masterpieces in our menu

Let Chef Kate Sumner and her team take you on a stunning private Asian Gastronomy journey of discovery and delight, where each dish is a story and each story is a memory. Check our amazing seasonal menu (tap/hover image for description) and Book Here!


"I had an amazing experience at Mooncake KI! Absolutely delicious. Highly recommend!”


“A hidden gem on Kangaroo Island. The view was incredible, and the food even better if that's possible!”


“An explosion of flavour with everlasting ocean views! Prawn toast and dumplings are a must”


Gratitude Moment!

book your table here!

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